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So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.                                                                                                                                                              1 Corinthians 10:31

I have picky eaters. Well, five out of seven anyway. They just don’t get the whole “variety is the spice of life” cliché somehow. Sure, it’s my fault, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I keep waiting for those “7 year taste bud changes” that I’ve heard so much about to kick in, but I guess that is just for other people’s children.

I have one who won’t eat cheese, potatoes or beans. Another one who wants to be a vegetarian, except she doesn’t really like a lot of veggies….hmmmm. My hubby won’t eat condiments, raw veggies or fruit. And my youngest prefers junk food to anything real. I do have one teenage boy who will eat pretty much anything, so he keeps me sane. And my oldest occasionally goes on a vegan tangent but he lives down the road so I can work around that.

Honestly, I used to try really hard. I would whip up all kinds of nutritious feasts and sometimes a sandwich or two on the side to meet the specs of one or two children…a bowl of PJ and J mixed together w/ crumbled up bread, or the millionth bowl of canned chili.

But one day I snapped. I had had enough of throwing away food and time for a clan who would walk into the kitchen asking, “Ew, what is that smell?”

I began feeding them frozen meals and buying way too many five dollar pizzas. Then I discovered Costco. Aisles full of prepared food without preservatives, often organic, and I knew I had found my answer. No more slaving away at the stove to feed my people, all I had to do was pop something in the oven, and I got my whole night back! Everyone raved about the amazing new food. We were all so happy finally. Except for the bill of course. But we must all adjust, right? I guess I am in my “whatever you do” chapter right now. I am certainly praising God for Costco!

BONUS IDEA: A fun trick I have learned is never throw liquids away. If I find a cup of abandoned juice sitting around, I stick it in the freezer and voila! Instant joy for the kid who finds it a few hours later. Same thing with yogurt. I find half eaten containers of the pricey goo getting hot on the counter. I slide it into the freezer and Tada! I’m a superstar when one of my grazers happens upon it in its frozen glory. I’ve even been known to freeze their cereal milk. They think it’s heavenly ice cream. At least I understand the cliché’ waste not, want not, right?

Heart ART

Heart ART

Her heart, fractured and fragmented, spilled like puzzle pieces strewn about, shattered like glass slipped from careless hands. Tiny slivers shot across the floor, hid in corners and underneath couches. A ragged heart shattered by loving in a fallen world.
Lonely and comfortless, knowing no peace, only pain and self pity, sorrow and guilt.

Some spaces remained soft, others calloused. Many hard like the rocks beneath the cold rivers of the Reservation.  Like stepping stones, the pain of great loss could be traced from one tragedy to the next.


A word  from her mother, disappointment from her siblings or father. Memories of boyfriends stomping madly on her maiden heart, the shredding of divorce, disapproval of her second go, the drama of blending, becoming one and arguments over nothing, children coming and going, some never finding their way into her arms at all. So much loss.

Her anger and disappointment with herself, her choices, fears, regrets. The pieces of her heart squashed or crooked, some still clinging to hope, for a future, a chance to be something in a world gone sideways.

Then a light, distant yet intimate, closed in around her. Brighter and closer, the light warmed her very marrow. Transfixed, she watched it gather her wayward fractions from behind sofas and darkened crannies. Radiant light shone through them, like stained glass.

She beheld the mosaic of her heart reconnecting in magnificent splendor. Rainbows shot across the room spilling glory everywhere. Her battle worn heart reborn. Resurrected.  WHOLE. The cracked and broken places invited more light to dance, their shadows now translucent. Nothing remained of  loss except the revelation that God doesn’t waste pain.

Her whole heart beat an extraordinary tune. A song of peace, like a pan flute on a mountain morning, a faraway song, that echoed everywhere. Though she was still aware of the sorrows, they didn’t hurt anymore. Their complaining now hushed by a joy that would not be quieted, would not allow them room.

She saw the Master’s hand. He’d created a thing of beauty out of her mess to help others see Him through theirs.

“Yes. Lord. I will do whatever you ask of me. I will follow where you lead. I trust You and Your ways that are not my own. I trust Your timing and Your goodness.”

Her heart, now a vessel of life and strength, filled and reborn with the power of the Holy Spirit, glazed in grace, sought her adventure as she followed her King.