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The MARY Choice


Another Mary I want to share with you is Martha’s sister.

We all understand Martha.

We want to get it right.

Whether the Christmas meal is at our house, or a pot luck at our sister in law’s, we want our squash casserole to rock their world. We want our Oreo pie plate licked clean before we pack up and leave.

But Christmas is about JESUS.IMG_5753

We have to reprogram our brains to remember this fact. Jesus did NOT come to bring us stress in the kitchen, or at Mama’s house, or in line at Wal-Mart. He came to give us peace on Earth, and blessed rest.02-img_4810

Invitations and service opportunities abound this time of year. It’s easy to over book the calendar and forfeit Christmas peace and joy.

I’m pretty sure that crying at the stove because Uncle Tommy’s favorite fudge won’t set up is NOT what God had in mind when He sent His Only Begotten Son.

It has been said, that “The hardest choices are not between good and bad, but between good and best.”

Martha’s Mary made the best choice. When Martha started griping, Jesus said, “ Martha, Martha…. Only one thing is needed…Mary has chosen the good part and it will not be taken away from her.”

That One thing is Jesus.         We all need more JESUSRelated image

I have been making conscious decisions lately to make the Mary choice. I’d rather leave the house a wreck and spend time with the Lord before leaving it.

I’m taking deep breaths and praying out loud when the kids start fussing, instead of biting their heads off.

I am practicing choosing kindness over frustration when someone cuts me off in traffic or butts in front of me out there in the maze of shopping.

Baby steps still get us there. Let’s make the Mary choice. Let’s choose MORE JESUS and Have a very Mary Christmas.

PRAYER: Lord, help us remember that JESUS is Christmas. Help us to choose the best things over the good things. Remind us we can keep our peace.
Let us be like Mary, who chose the One thing that mattered. YOU.
In Jesus Name, Amen.


A MARY Little Christmas


There are a lot of “Marys” in the New Testament. But since it’s Christmas, I want to focus on Jesus’ mama first.

Likely we are a hodgepodge of denominations here, but I bet we can all agree on this: Mary had to be a special gal to mother the perfect Son of God.

A few years back I discovered a film masterpiece, titled The Nativity Story. If you don’t own this movie, I highly recommend you buy yourself one for Christmas. The Nativity Story (Widescreen)

It is a beautiful glimpse into what it might have been like for Mary and Joseph in their little village and all the drama leading up to the birth of our Messiah.

Now, I’ve heard and read the Christmas story many times. But after seeing this film, I connected with this precious couple in a fresh way.

At the time I was introduced to the film, my husband and I were in a wilderness journey ourselves: misunderstood by extended family, falsely accused, and uprooted in a foreign state.

Film is a powerful medium.

Watching Joseph and Mary’s destiny bond them, even as their familiar world collapsed, deepened my respect for them.Seeing the sacrifices they made for each other and how they trusted God with their mind-boggling purpose, humanized them for me.Image result for the nativity story

It’s easy to think of them as historical icons or decorative figures on my table and in the neighbor’s yard. But they were real, regular folks, like us. And that helps me.

They inspired and encouraged me that my husband and I could maneuver the sharp turns and blind corners of our journey. That we too had an intertwined, ordained purpose to follow God. And we too would come out stronger as a couple. And we did.Image result for the nativity story

During this busy week before Christmas, do yourself a favor.Grab a copy of this spectacular  film (and a bag of something yummy) and give yourself a Mary little Christmas.