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Now you are Christ’s body, and individually members of it.” 1 Corinthians 12:27

We all need help. Yesterday, m01-IMG_3709y dear friend needed mine. She was in a spot and needed my hands to help guide her own. All I had to do was shuffle paper and books and sort through piles. Box up, organize, delegate.

Because it wasn’t my stuff, it was easy, refreshing and inspiring to unbury her. She got relief and I got recharged. That was the most I’ve felt like the “body of Christ” in years. I’m tired of church hunting. I want to be the church.

Trying on churches is frustrating. It shouldn’t be so difficult to find a home base. Why can’t churches just teach the Word and leave man made religion out of it? Why can’t we 100_8979focus on Jesus and His finished work at the cross rather than mingling law and grace?

Why do so many churches focus on light shows and flashy music? Don’t get me wrong, I love good music. I don’t have a problem with lighting. But mostly, I want anointed music that glorifies Jesus, not sin focused boohooing about my failures and how desperate I am. I want to lift Him up, magnify His name, see Him in every element of the service.

I don’t want Kung Fu taught to my kids in Sunday school. I don’t want them watching TV or getting so much candy that I have to fill their mouths with metal. They don’t need sugary bribes to memorize the Word or to remember to bring their Bibles. I don’t want them bullied while teenage assistants text, or chat in corners, instead or doing their job. Children don’t need jungle gyms or game rooms. Why do we think Sunday school needs to be a cross between Chuckie Cheese and a night club? They don’t. Jesus is more than enough.IMG_5753

Why must we sit in the service wishing they wouldn’t guilt trip us about serving and tithing? It’s not about works! Please dear Pastors, give us more Jesus, more Word, not judgment. Not condemnation. Don’t shame us into serving. Give us Jesus!

He is the one who motivates us to fund missions, work in the nursery or stock the food pantry. Seeing the loveliness of our Lord Jesus unveiled in the Old, and New Testaments, naturally results in good deeds. Understanding His lavish grace floods our souls with compassion and a desire to sow our time, love and money.

But please, don’t mix law and grace. Don’t teach grace one week just to nullify it the next by a lecture on the law. Jesus fulfilled the law. The law was given to show us our need for a Savior. It’s not about what we can do for Him. It’s about Him and what He did for us. I09-IMG_8693f we could live in victory by our own works, we wouldn’t need saving.

I want to plug into a church where Jesus is the main thing and we keep the main thing the main thing. I’ve had enough churchiness. I’ve had enough of worldliness. And I sure don’t need a worldly church. Or shame based sermons. Just give me Jesus. He is more than enough.